How to Win Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Draft

How to Win Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Draft

What is draft mode?

fut draft 16First of all we must explain what Fifa draft mode is. It’s a new, brand new mode, and a monumental task. You will be tasked with building your ultimate team while selecting players from five groups. It’ takes coins, skill, patience, and well, a little bit of luck. Once you assemble your team, you’ll get to play with other draft teams. The goal is winning at least four times in a row. With winning your potential rewards are getting bigger and better. Naturally, you want to win as many games as possible, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you to become ultimate player in Fifa 17 draft.

How to enter Fifa 17 draft?

It’s easy, you just need 15000 coins or 300 FIFA points. Don’t worry you’ll get back your coins, but they’ll be represented by free packs or a token for redeeming 1000 coins. This was done by EA to stop farming resources. Although, there is almost always a way to win some free FIFA FUT 16 coins. But, let’s not go there for now. You can find draft tokens in FUT 16 packs, and there you can also find tokens to redeem 1000 coins or a free gold pack. So, in a way you always win. It just depends on how much you want to win. And you want to win it all, don’t you?

how to fin Fifa 17 ultimate team draft

What can you win?

There are mega packs, silver packs, gold packs, jumbo packs, jumbo gold packs. rare gold packs, etc. You want the rarest and best possible packs because that’s where the best players are. But sometimes chemistry is more important than the sheer quality of your players.

Choosing your formation

At the beginning you’ll be asked to chose your formation. Selection of formations will be very different each time you enter FUT draft mode, so choose it carefully. And keep in mind while choosing your players that information in your head. Formation changes always, so pick versatile players.

Fifa 17 draft choosing formation

Choosing your leader

First thing first, you have to choose your captain. Here, you’re in luck, since you’ll probably get to choose from some of the best players in the game. But, as we’ve said earlier sometimes chemistry is more important than having the best players around, like in real life. We all remember Real Madrid Galacticos, which were the best team in the world on paper, but in real life not so much. Basically, that’s how it is in FIFA FUT 16, since it’s trying to be a simulation of real life.

Fifa 17 choose a player

Choosing your team

Selecting a position in formation will present to you a choice of players to choose for that position. This selection is entirely up to you. Will you go for the best player possible, or will you try to build your chemistry to a high level? Once again, we recommend the second option, but if that’s not your style, we won’t stop you. Be creative, sometimes you won’t get really good players, but it’s tactics, it’s making a best out of a bad situation.

Choosing your manager

Choosing a manager is really important because he gets to boost your team chemistry. Should a manager with right nationality or right league be available, go for it!

Fifa 17 draft gameplay

Final word

Don’t expect to have the best team possible right away. It takes time, patience and of course winning games. Get the best out of your team through chemistry and good luck!

Get free FIFA coins in FUT 16 TOTS

Get free FIFA coins in FUT 16 TOTS

FUT draft is actually a brand new way to play FUT. To be able to enter a tournament you have to pay 15,000 coins or 300 points or 1 Draft token which you can get when you open the packet if you are lucky. After you named your team, you will get random list names of the players with bronze, silver or gold card backings for each player. Players with the ranking between 0-64 are bronze, 65-74 are silver and between 75-99 are gold. The colors represent each player’s skills. As you play the game you will gather more silver cards and when that happens, begin to toss weaker bronze players and replace them with silver ones. After all, the more coins you have, the more possibility you have to buy silver and gold players.

Fifa 17 tots

Fifa 17 tots ronaldo cardTo start your game EA Sports gives you 500 coins which you can collect in FUT store from the main menu. Even though this is very generous 500 coins are just not enough to create a super team. To earn coins you must take part in tournaments, matches, and drafts. This will take a lot of investment and a lot of hours spent in front of the game and still you will need more coins if you don’t open your wallet or credit card. Even so, if you are not that lucky with the game or you need coins to get into that draft you really want, you can always use our Fifa 17 ultimate team coins generator. We advise you to begin with FUT single player modes. In Single Player games you can adjust the weight of opponents, which will have an impact on a number of coins you receive after the match but not on the prize that the winner of the tournament gets. Single Player game is played against real teams from Fifa 17 controlled by the CPU. At the very beginning when selecting a formation, be smart and choose wisely as the set during the tournament is no longer possible to change, but that is only after you lose and start a new tournament. When stacking the team you will meet with some of the challenges like, choose the highest rated players, or focus on the team and create a team with as much chemistry. Try out different solutions and find out what suits you best. The decision is yours.

Fifa 17 ultimate team coin generator free

It is possible to obtain In Form, TOTY, TOTS and MOTM players. In FUT draft mode there is no Market because these players can not be sold since they are not really your property. To win the grand prize it is necessary to achieve a winning streak of four games, if you fall out at an earlier stage of the competition you will also get the prize but it will not be so generous. Prizes are different so it is possible to win Gold Jumbo Packs, Premium Gold and Silver Packs, Gold Packs Standard, Coins Etc.

The Fifa 17 has released new TOTS and they are absolutely amazing. It consists of 15 different squads with new dark blue inform cards and the squads will be released throughout the year. The first squad was released on April 29th, 2016 and the final squad, as said, will be released around August 2016. The players consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold cards with upgraded statistics.

Fifa 17 card design

The most important thing you need to know here is that players receive coins and assets after achievements they gain on the field. Spend that coins to buy players with high ratings and good chemistry. Fifa 17 is providing you with a new squad and you have a great chance to win big prizes after four victories, card pack, players or coins. So don’t give up, be persistent and continue playing the game. Enjoy playing.

10 Changes That We Want to See In FIFA 17

10 Changes That We Want to See In FIFA 17

As one of the best sports games in the game industry, we can all agree that FIFA is getting better with each new release. You all know that Fifa 17 brought us improvements in a defensive set of the team, better control and performance belts and better control of the defense. EA Sports Fifa 17 called it the most balanced game of the series. When EA announced releasing of FIFA 17 the Internet was cluttered with improvement suggestions of a game and FIFA 17 wishlist. Here are 10 changes in FIFA we selected for you that we believe you would want to see in this amazing new game.

generate your free Fifa 17 coins

Bigger rewards

The one thing we certainly want to see in FIFA 17 is bigger rewards. Winning DIV1 in FIFA should at least guarantee you 100K Pack or maybe 100.000 coins. All you get in Fifa 17 is 15.000 coins for winning the whole thing. For the average person on FIFA winning every division on the game can take a long time, at least a few weeks if played the game regularly. Division rewards need to be increased. Even though there is a possibility to gain coins through our updated Fifa 17 coin generator this is something that needs to be improved in the game. Another reward can be for fut drafts and milestones of pack openings.

fut draft rewards

Online Career Mode

We can all agree that challenging other players online is pretty exciting and this will for sure enhance the credibility of this game. For starters, 2-4 players’ option can be excellent for online mode.

Create your manager

In manager system, there is not much you can do to make your manager authentic. You can choose your manager skin tone and suit color but they are always bald, using a black coat which became very boring. A wide selection of managers should be included in the game.

Fifa 17 ultimate teamFIFA Challenges

FIFA needs challenges! It keeps the player on the game wanting to earn the rewards by completing the challenges. FIFA, for example, can give you the possibility if you hit the crossbar 5 times in a game you unlock 3 draft tokens or scoring 5 goals in one play get you 10.000 coins. There are so many different and brilliant games out there today that FIFA needs to do more to keep the players on the game.

New Leagues

New Leagues need to be added to FIFA 17! Since fans were disappointed there were not numerous other leagues in Fifa 17 this is a great opportunity to add some. For example, look at the Chinese super league, they bought players like Ramirez, Jackson Martinez, and so many new players seems to be transferring to China, it’s attracting more players than anywhere else now, so clearly this league should be added to the new FIFA. They can also add Ukrainian, Croatian, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian, Finland and Czech leagues.

free fifa coins and points

Passing Mechanics

Another improvement for FIFA 17 can also be passing, especially the mechanics. Passing a lot of the time is, as you know, just out of your control. Through balls don’t make sense, you can tap it and it goes 30 yards. Passing really needs to be adjusted, it just doesn’t seem right.

Player Switching

A lot of the fans said that this is one of the worst things about Fifa 17. Player switching feels like it is not in your control, it’s slow and it often doesn’t switch to your chosen player. Hopefully, in FIFA 17 they can make this better. But all of this is of course just a constructive criticism to help FIFA improve its game.

Ball control

Ball control needs adjusting! Too often it’s too inconsistent in the game.

fifa 17 wishlist

Stadium builder

Another way that EA can hugely improve its customization on FIFA 17 is stadium builder feature. It is a surprise that FIFA still hasn’t added this possibility but hopefully they will hear our prayers and add this to the newest game. This can add so much more detail to the game. You can use your customized stadium in ultimate team, pro clubs, perhaps another player can buy your stadium for like 5000 coins, there are so many opportunities for this feature.

Better Press Conferences

The media in FIFA is usually the same but some of you think, and we agree, that it should have more influence in the game. It should be more realistic in a way that players can answer real life press questions, the comments of winning and losing the game.

Quick Guide to Fifa 17 Coin Glitch

Quick Guide to Fifa 17 Coin Glitch

There are many guides and tutorials to making coins and trading in FUT 16, this time, we decided to present quick guide to Fifa 17 coin glitch that can generate huge amount of coins in short period of time. This method is safe and secure method of gaining significant sum of coins in Fifa 17,all you required is a little time and patience to make profit with this method. This is a bit different than the Fifa 17 coin hack but still works like a charm.

FIFA-CoinsTo use this method, it is important to search and find real bargain on the market, or in other words we will go for cheap deals, that have significant market value. The basic idea of finding cheap and sell high is also applicable in this practice, but if you want to generate larger sum of Fifa 17 coins, you need to adopt fast method with huge potential. Try to learn what actual values of certain cards are, what are cards in high demand and define value margin – or what is minimum value that will generate a profit. For example if you buy a card for 10.000 coins and your estimated value is 15.000 you will profit 5000 coins at least. This simple method is getting on its strength when you place your focus on quantity – if you place 40-50 value bargains daily on market, very soon you will find yourself swimming in Coins!

Timing is very important aspect of this method, it is not the same when you are placing your offers on the market. Statistics shows that the best times for placing your offers are during weekend days, and the reason is almost obvious. During weekend the most Fifa 17 players have spare time, thay can relax and enjoy in playing their favorite game, it is right time for placing your cards on the market. So, try to organize your time and take off some free time during weekend. It is also ideal time for finding best deals, because many casual players, which are not aware of real card values, are placing their offers on the market. Such cards are your goal, if you invest some time in searching, you can find enough cards with significant value for entire week! That will create significant profit margin, you only need to understand what are profit margins and how you can practically apply it on your daily coin farming.

On super rare cards you cannot expect to gain huge profit margins, it is important to understand how market reacts when such cards are object of trade. Super rare cards are golden elite cards like Ronaldo or Messi that have highest statistics and are always in high demand. You should observe market for some time and notice weekly pattern – what is fluctuation range in prices of such cards during entire week? Most usual scenario is that golden cards has highest price on Thursday, while they are at price minimum in Sunday evening, which means you should invest your resources in buying such cards during weekend and sell them on other days, when casual players are not offering whimsical offers on the market. When you combine those two methods, you will generate significant amount of money during week, it will supply you with enough Fifa 17 Coins to buy necessary players directly on the market, or you can spend coins in buying Fifa 17 packs.

In that sense, this technique or method is not a glitch in classical term, it requires some time and energy to be invested, but it can provide you with great amount of coins in the game. Do not forget that EA is taking their margin as well, at this moment it is 5% of any trading transaction on the market. On smaller sums it can be neglected, but when we are talking about most expansive cards on the market, you must be aware that 5% may be a huge amount of money. It is important to always calculate EA market margin in your costs, because otherwise you can find yourself wandering where your coins disappeared? Pay attention to this fact and stick to your plan – never sell lower than your profit margin!
We are hoping that this quick Fifa 17 coin glitch guide will help you to generate significant amount of coins on the market. Leave us a comment, we will appreciate it! Till the next time- enjoy playing and trading in Fifa 17!

Starting Formations for Fifa 17 – Ultimate Guide

Starting Formations for Fifa 17 – Ultimate Guide

Fifa 17 brings many new features in the gameplay, and there are many new formations in the game. The choice is yours, there is no wrong or right formation, but you should know the basic concept of every formation in the game so that you can maximize your opportunities in the game. In this article we will cover new features in Fifa 17 that are focused on formations. We are bringing you five most commonly used formations in the game. There is a currently a glitch that allows you to get free coins for Fifa 17 but have in mind that you still have to have a good formation and generally be a good player to beat your opponent, but i guess the points should help.

4-1-2-1-2 formation

This formation is known to be “wide” formation, basically in the midfield. If you want to use this formation try to get good midfielder, a player that can help your defenders and you should also pay attention to get a player with solid dribbling skills. Such skillful player will be able to organize defense or attack according to your needs. Left and right midfielder should have excellent speed and crossing ability, so that they can pass a ball to the attackers.


4-3-1-2 formation

This is actually a variation of previous formation where midfield player will be placed more to the middle. It is important to pay attention to left and right midfielder, because they will replace central midfielder. Choose the good players with high dribbling and passing skills.



4-3-2-1 formation

This formation is trying to make a perfect preparation for offensive gameplay, but it is important to have a strong defense if your opponent tries to suddenly make any counterattack. This formation is relying on one attacker, therefore you must choose your best player for that position. If you want to have complete control in the middle, choose this formation.

4-3-3 attacking formation

This is basic attacking position in Fifa 17, but this formation as several variations. In this basic formation 4 players are targeting for a score. It is important to have the goods striker and good left and right wingers. If you decide to play this formation, do not worry about defense, try to develop your offensive capabilities and score a goal as a soon as possible.

3-3-4 defensive formation

This formation is an opposite of previous formation, it place the emphasis on defensive players. Still, as you can see, they are four players as in the front line. The basic idea behind this formation is to create a solid defense with four players, strong midfield and solid attack line. If you like defensive gameplay, then this formation is ideal for you.


Learn More about free Fifa 17 packs!

Learn More about free Fifa 17 packs!

Fifa 17 Ultimate Team is a very popular game mode where we try to get the best cards to shape the best possible team. Therefore, packs are the most important things in Fifa 17 ever since they make it probable to present the cards into the game itself. Without packs, there would be no cards and without cards Fifa 17 Ultimate Team would not exist! Therefore packs are very important, It is as simple as that! Buying packs is something that every player does, but it is not as simple as it seems, because you have to understand when is right time for buying and which packs to buy. You should also know how to pay less for your packs and cards. All the cards are introduced through packs by one of the following five ways, when you buy them on the store, when you play Draft ,when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack, when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes, or when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward.

There are three types of packs – regular packs, promo packs and free packs. Regular packs are always available on the store, promo packs are available only on precise periods of time, like the Happy Hours and free packs are not available to purchase on the store. They are allocated in the start of the game, as tournament, seasons rewards and as daily gifts. You need to go to the FUT store If you want to buy packs. You can access to the store through the FUT Web App / Companion App or console. Almost all cards are introduced by the store when players buy packs in the game. There are two ways to pay: with FIFA Points or coins.

FIFA digital net revenue is growing every year and micro transactions are now the essential business of the game, so this is what makes this game mode so exceptional for EA Sports because it is a gold mine. Let us compare figures – FIFA digital sales, which contains Ultimate Team packs, EA has profits more then $350 million in 2016! To buy a pack you just need to choose the payment and method select it in the store. It is possible to browse them in the store until you find the right pack. Specifics of each pack are provided, including the number of rare cards each pack has. You can claim any pack that you have got, but not yet opened in My Packs folder.
What are the best Fifa 17 packs to buy? The regular packs during Happy Hours are exactly the same, the truth is that the chances of dragging a decent card don’t change that there are no deductions or packs on sale. Usual question that the community asks is which pack to buy? It clearly depends on what you want! To build a bronze team, you should buy a bronze pack! If you want to get more consumables and contracts, you should buy the consumables packs. Still, most of the players want to get the best and most luxurious cards. In that case, you will need to buy Gold packs in the game. But, the question is – which one?

Remember that best packs are packs with certain gold player cards, so they are Premium Gold Players Pack that are twice more expensive than Jumbo Rare Players Pack or the Rare Players Pack. If you use FIFA Points to pay instead of coins, the difference will not be so high. EA Sports doesn’t use a proportional relation between FIFA Points and FIFA coins. Silver Upgrade pack and Jumbo Premium Gold pack cost both 17,000 coins, but the first one may be purchased with 50 FIFA Points while for the second you will need 300 FIFA Points.
Our counsel is very simple – buy the offered golden pack with the lowest price per rare player card because they are the only cards that can make some profit. Other cards are almost useless, so it is important to know which packs have the lowest price per rare card! You need to divide the price by the number of rare cards and pay attention to the category of the pack.

Fifa 17 Tehnical Tips and Tricks!

Fifa 17 Tehnical Tips and Tricks!

Fifa 17 is a worldwide phenomenon and entire community of gamers is joking only about these game. In this short article will try to cover some technical tips and tricks that may help you to enjoy more in this beautiful game. Not only that you can generate free fifa coins on our site, in this post you can find out the best settings for your game.

Actually, we are giving you fresh new tips and tricks about Fifa 17 regarding setting up your control and what is very important proper angle of your camera in the game. Once when you start to play a game it is important to have proper camera angle, especially if you playing in larger screens. To adjust these options, you should go in gameplay settings and first thing that you want to do is to turn off radar. Many players do not use this option, so if you are also not using it simply to turn it off. Of course, if you use this option just do not change anything. Another option that you would like to switch it off is new feature in the game.

That new feature in the game is FIFA trainer option. FIFA trainer is available only for new players, in other words if you played previous versions of the game, you definitely do not need these option. You can simply turn it off. If you are a new player to the game, then you would like to have this option on, as your trainer will teach you basic skills and moves. Another tweak that you can use in a settings is assisted mode relating to passing, crosses, and switching. You can also set it to manual, but it will require a more proficiency from a player.

Let us discuss a little bit about controller setting. If you already played the game before, and you are accustomed to with the full settings of your controller, you can leave it on default if you like. From other side, if you want to change the way that the buttons are sat, you can change the position of functions. Most players are leaving attacking buttons intact, while changing few defensive options.

And finally, let us discuss about angle of camera, because it is very important for your successful gameplay in the game. Fifa 17 is bringing a lot of different options for your camera, but you should select tele broadcast angles for best view. Try to change height to 15 and zoom to 6, as this is setting used by professional Fifa players.

Less than a week till official release! Fifa 17 Latest News!

Less than a week till official release! Fifa 17 Latest News!

Fifa 17 is almost here, the most successful football game of all times will be released during the next week introducing some of the most exciting features ever made in sport simulation game. We are so excited to share with you some of the latest news and features that will appear in Fifa 17! With this announcement, we discovered a new Fifa 17 coin glitch and you can take advantage of it before its patched!

Let us say it loudly – the release day is officially confirmed – Fifa 17 will be released on 22-24 September! Exact release day depends upon geographic area – Fifa 17 will be released in United States and Canada on September 22. Europian release is scheduled for 24. September, while the game will be released in Japan and Brazil in October. It is not late to pre-order your copy of Fifa 17, you just need to go to Fifa 17 pre-order page or some affiliate site like 365Games, Zavvi or Amazon.  You can choose to play Fifa 17 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PS3. EA announced that they will soon release ported version of Fifa 17 to tablet and mobile devices.

Regarding price, you can check it in PlayStation Store and preorder Standard Fifa 17, Fifa 17 Deluxe Edition or Fifa 17 Super Deluxe Edition version of the game. Standard Fifa 17 pre-order is 59,99$, the price for  Fifa 17 Deluxe Edition is 69,99$ and for Fifa 17 Super Deluxe Edition you will need 99.99$. The differences in Editions are mainly in amount of FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs that you will get with the game. If you really want to be competitive player this season Fifa 17 Super Deluxe Edition is instantly giving you top three players – Thibaut Courtois, Sergio Agueroand and Lionel Messi!

Fifa 17 is bringing many new features and probably the biggest addition to this series is women’s teams! Great! You will be able to choose among 12 Women’s National Teams, more will be added in next months. Fifa 17 is bringing brand new features – Match Day mode, Online Friendly Matches and Offline Tournaments. There are ton of new skill moves that will be introduced In Fifa 17, so we are all waiting to discover new content and improved AI, escapable slide tackles, defensive swing steps, logical interceptions, no-touch dribbling and other announced features in Fifa 17.

We all are eagerly waiting for Fifa 17 to finally hit the markets on 24.September! Stay alert; we will inform you about latest Fifa 17 News and announcements!
French players can check out our translated page ( Generateur de credits Fifa 17 )

Fifa 17 Goalkeeping and Tackling Improvements

Fifa 17 Goalkeeping and Tackling Improvements

Goalkeeping was a major issue in the EA last year, because FIFA 15 gave us new goalkeeping concept, unfortunately with many bugs and glitches. In recent patches, many bugs the discover and fix it, but this process was very annoying and time-consuming. Fortunately enough, Fifa 17 is giving us new goalkeeping approach and improvement gameplay.

The biggest problem with goalkeeping in FIFA 15 was long distance goals when a player with good shot accuracy could easily score a goal without any resistance. This issue as fixed in Fifa 17 and ability of the goalkeeper to run quickly back toward the goal line. New version of the game also brings improved defense players algorithms that will increase the natural response of the defense line. All those improvements will result in much harder possibility to score a goal from a distance, hopefully it will reflect the chances from the real life. In previous versions of the game it was very easy to score back quickly and efficiently directly from half line. In Fifa 17 it will not be a piece of the cake, you will need to put additional effort to score a goal from such position.

One of the major changes in Fifa 17 is that famous tackling is back in the game! One of the most neglected features of the gameplay in previous versions was a absence of free tackling, but it will be changed in the Fifa 17. In FIFA 15 slide tackling was very bad implemented with questionable accuracy and timing. Now, Fifa 17 is going back to almost manual sliding introduced in FIFA 13. All those improvements will result in huge gameplay variations and almost unlimited combinations on the field. Another feature that is restored in Fifa 17 is block to block slide tackle. This will give much more intensity into the game and the tackling will look very realistic in the practice. Recovery time is also improved, so now because not take long to recover after a tackle move. You will need fast reflexes and good coordination, because Fifa 17 with those improvements will be much faster and agile game.You will also need free Fifa 17 Coins to get the best possible players, so keep yourself up to date with newest coins generators on the market.

Another major change in Fifa 17 comes in the form of No Touch Dribbling that will work if you have enough momentum on the ball. When you are dribbling you will be able to turn in any direction, but you will not be in the contact with the ball, because the ball will be a little bit ahead.

We just revealed several improvements that will hit Fifa 17 in September! Until then, check our site regularly for more exciting news!


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