FIFA 16 Secrets Revealed

FIFA 16 Secrets Revealed

FIFA 16 is almost here, but not many information is available up-to-date. Fortunately, we managed to find relevant and precise details about some of the major improvements in FIFA 16!

As we described in our previous article, one of the new techniques that will be introduced in FIFA 16 is spinning step technique. Basically, this technique will minimize the distance between the players, so in the case when a player lose the ball, an opponent will have more time to change momentum and try to get the ball. That will make gameplay more interesting and it is in fact the move from real football game. We are looking forward to check this move directly in the game, but as far as we seen that will bring more intensive gameplay.

Another FIFA 16 defense improvement is new acceleration curve in the game. What is acceleration curve? Well, acceleration curve is actually a meter that the computer calculates to present correct acceleration of the ball. It is also important in calculating right amount of time that is needed for a player to recover. It is, indeed, very sophisticated and complicated algorithm, but it will improve the real realism of the game and reaction of AI players.

FIFA 16 brings even more changes in the defense line. One of such fixes is lazy full back trick that is implemented in the new version of the game. Remember the time when you hold the ball in midfield after counter attack and the time when you wanted to pass the ball to the wing? Of course, you do! The problem with FIFA 15 was that there were now one on the wings! Well, this problem is fixed with a new feature named lazy full back that will enable the full backs to get more offensive approach. That means that they will be look to get forward every time they can. So, be ready to fifa 16 coins at time to buy improved defense players!

Those were major improvements in the FIFA 16 defense mechanics that will ensure much better gameplay. Goalkeeping was one of the major issues for improvement in the new FIFA 16 release. Online FIFA community placed huge number of requests during the year and EA tried to fix them with several patches. All problems relating goalkeeping from FIFA 15 were carefully reconsidered and solved in FIFA 16 with different solutions.

Stay with us, in our next blog post we will reveal some of the most interesting FIFA 16 changes about goalkeeping and tackling Improvements.

FIFA 16 Pre-Release Notes

FIFA 16 Pre-Release Notes

FIFA 16 will be released in a middle of September this year and it will hit the stores worldwide! As far as we may see, FIFA 16 brings a lot of improvements, better gameplay, stability and ton of fun! Let us check some of the major FIFA16 improvements.

We get this information from FIFA 16 development team and we wanted to share with you what are the major differences between FIFA 15 and new FIFA 16 release. Developers listened very carefully to the players and tried to fix different bugs and problems in the FIFA 15, so they classified all kinds of complaints and suggestions, tried to fulfill desire of players. As far as we know, FIFA 16 brings a lot off improvements and a ton of fixing bugs and minor glitches from FIFA 15. Developers promised that they will give us balance of the game, and it looks like FIFA 16 is just that kind of game, so be ready and get an advanced fifa 16 hack tool, because you will need a lot of coins! There are few speculations that it will be patched after the release but im sure that it will work just like the one for Fifa 15.

Every part of FIFA 16 is changed in the terms of mechanics and gameplay. So, goalkeeping, dribbling, defending and other parts of the game will be changed significantly if you compare those aspects of the game with previous release. Developers tried to improve one part of the game to create balance with other parts, trying to achieve better gameplay. At the beginning developers classified all new improvements in different divisions and explained what major improvements will be in the final release of the game. One of the major improvements so far is improvement in the FIFA 16 defense mechanics. You will certainly agree, that defenders in FIFA 15 were very easily overwhelmed by players with high pace skill. So, developers had an option to remove the pace of players, and in order to find out what community things they raised a lot of questions pools and inquires all over the net.

The result of such detailed injury showed them different approach, so they introduce a completely new element of the game, something that looks like a spinning footstep move. The goal of this step is possibility to maintain your balance even if you are overwhelmed by defender or in other case if you lose a ball in the dribbling duel. Spinning step technique should fix several glitches from FIFA 15 that would create much better gameplay, so in FIFA 16 you will not be able to easily take the ball from opponent that is playing down the wings and knocked ball forward, like it was easy in FIFA 15.

We just started to reveal FIFA 16 secrets and we will make known some interesting things in our next article, so stay tuned!


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